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Stainless Steel Braised Thermos with Spoon – 600ml

Product Specifications

Size(cm): 9.8(D) x 18.0(H)
Material: 304 Stainless Steel
Packing: Paper Box
Weight: 435.00g/pc


Stainless Steel Braised Thermos with Spoon – 600ml is perfect for takeaway or lunch at work, it keeps your meal stay fresh and warm for long hours. Stainless steel spoon included, always ready to enjoy your meal & stay hygienic. 6 core layers to store heat & enhanced temperature insulation effect. Double wall insulated. Able to braised food on the go, example soup, rice, eggs, herbs, noodles & many more. Vacuum tight seal technology. Anti-Skid bottom. Easy to clean & dry. Keep your food or drinks warm & cold up to 8 hours.

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